The short answer is yes – installing a pool pump heater will save you money on electricity costs over a period of time. Whilst the initial purchase and installation costs can seem expensive, the Department of Energy notes that a solar pool heating system will ‘provide payback between 1.5 and 7 years’. So, we’re taking a look at how much money you could save with a pool pump heater and how it works.

Why will a solar pool heating system save money?

To understand why you will save money with a solar pool heating system, it’s important to understand how a solar pool heating works. Firstly the pool water will be pumped through the filter which removes debris from the pool before it circulates through the solar collector. It then hits the solar collector, which uses the sun’s energy to heat the pool water. Unlike electricity and gas, the sun is a free resource that produces energy in abundance and is not in danger of running out. Therefore, once a solar heating system is installed, the savings can be amazing.

How much does a pool pump save?

If you already have a pool, you will know that they can be expensive to heat using electricity and gas. The average swimming pool in LA will cost $2904 according to the Department of Energy’s studies.

Alternatively, a solar pool pump heater is around half that cost. A solar pool heating system has upfront costs similar to that of gas and electric, however when looked after they can last up to 20 years, compared to gas which lasts around 5. Moreover, heating a pool using solar energy costs between $3000 and $4000 to buy and install but will save money relatively quickly. According to the Department of Energy, a solar heating system that costs $5500 would pay for itself within a couple of years.

What areas benefit the most from a pool pump heater?

Of course, these figures are based on solar energy being available and this can vary from area to area and state to state. Places like California and Florida are particularly great for solar energy as they get a lot of sun, however the colder states see different trends. More people opt for gas heaters in colder states as they want to heat their pool quickly and for as long as possible, however they can still use solar energy, it is just more effective for those who see greater sunlight.

So, the answer to whether solar pool heating systems can save you money is yes, absolutely! However, did you know that solar heating systems can actually increase your home value? To find out more and discover whether a solar heat pump for your pool could have you money, get in touch.