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Over 30 Years Experience — AquaComfort has more than thirty years of heat pump design and sales experience
Energy Efficient — Consumers will save 60-80% in energy costs using an AquaComfort heater vs. fossil fuel heaters
Effective Operation — Down to 40 degrees means more heat than the competition, up to 40% more heat during the critical first and last months of the swimming season. A fossil fuel heater produces nearly 18,000 pounds of CO2 per year and contribute nearly 3% of the total residential CO2 put into the atmosphere in the United States. Gas fired heaters are no friend to the environment, future generations, or your customers pocketbook.

AquaComfort Vs. Gas Heaters

  • More profitable than gas

  • Use your pool at the right temp all season long for less money than just heating for weekends

  • Low emissions

  • Made in the USA

  • Not for sale on the internet

  • HeatCOOL option – Heat when it’s cold. COOL when it’s hot – Gas heaters can’t do this

  • Heat pumps are our only focus

AquaComfort vs. other Heat Pumps

  • Low temp operation – means more heat when you need it most

  • Not sold on the internet – so more profitable

  • Coaxial titanium heat exchanger

  • Low flow operation ideal with variable speed pumps

  • Lower amp draws, models starting at 20 amps save on installation

  • Heat Pumps are our only focus – learn from our experience


Make an Environmentally Smart Choice.
Save Green . . . Lower Pool Heating Costs Puts Money in Your Customer’s Pocket.

When it comes to heating their swimming pool, every pool owner has the opportunity to make an environmentally smart choice as well as an economically smart decision. Aqua Comfort incorporates advanced technology that will significantly reduce greenhouse gases associated with pool heating. Gas fired pool heaters are old technology. The use of a gas fired pool heater results in predictable consequences, high levels of greenhouse gases, mainly CO2, into the atmosphere (nearly 18,000 pounds of CO2 per year per heater). Gas fired pool heaters contribute nearly 3% of the total residential CO2 put into the atmosphere in the United States each year. They are no friend to the environment, to future generations or to your customer’s pocketbook.