This is a really common question that people ask before they go ahead and purchase a pool heater, and if you live in sunnier states like California or Florida it can be tempting to think you don’t need one. It’s true – when the weather is beautiful outside it’s not essential that you need a pool heater, but if you want to keep using your pool all year round then a pool heater is ideal.

Of course, in some states this is not possible to keep swimming in the winter because the weather is just too cold. But in states with seasons that aren’t so severe, a pool heater can mean you get to enjoy your pool for more months of the year, throw a few winter pool parties and stay fit and healthy by swimming in the mornings – all at very little extra cost.

Are pool pump heaters a good investment?

A pool pump heater uses electricity to create and generate its natural heating system and can fully heat a pool in 1-3 days. This can be amazing for those who need to heat their pool for fall, or even want to heat it during summer in colder states. For those who live in sunnier states, they can still be a great investment, as you don’t have to get a huge heater. If you opt for a smaller heater and vow to cover your pool whenever possible, then you can save costs on the heater as the heat will be retained by the cover.

Another reason that pool pump heaters are a great investment is that once installed you can use the heater as and when you choose and the life cycle on them is amazing. Most of them can last up to 20 years and with general maintenance and check ups, this lifetime is increased and your pool pump heater can keep your pool heated for up to 30-40 years.

In which states will I need a pool pump heater?

According to Aqua magazine, there are differences in heater trends between states in the North and South. In northern states gas heaters are often more favorable since they allow a lot of heat to amass in a short space of time. For someone living in New York or New Jersey, the cost of a gas heater doesn’t bother them because they’re essentially looking to get the pool to a swimmable temperature as quickly as possible.

In southern states however, where the weather is warmer like in Florida, the benefits of having a heater pump are great. Due to the already warm temperature, a pool heater in states like California or Florida is a lot more favorable and allows people to maintain temperature relatively easily. Although the heat up time is longer, this doesn’t really matter because the temperature is generally warm anyway. Moreover, the energy costs are lower and the efficiency is higher, making them very favorable investments in warmer states.

Are you thinking about investing in a pool pump?

If you’re still wondering if you need a pool heater, then take a look at our broad range of pool heat pumps to suit any pool. At AquaComfort, we have 30 years of experience in creating efficient technology and are industry leaders in design, development and manufacturing of heat pump pool heaters.