How Long Will a Heat Pump Extend Pool Season?

Extend pool season with a heat pump
Swimming in a pool is an incredibly special activity that brings families closer together, allows for better physical fitness, and so much more. It’s no secret that closing the swimming pool for the season is actually a big deal to many homeowners, quite like saying goodbye to an old friend. More and more pool owners are seeking energy-efficient pool heating options to keep their swimming season going a little longer and start back a little sooner.  How long will a heat pump extend pool season? While it varies slightly across climates, on average a pool owner can expect to enjoy comfortable swimming pool water 30 days sooner and about 30 days longer, stretching the pool season by two whole months.   

How a Heat Pump Works to Extend Pool Season

While gas and electric pool heaters use energy to generate heat, a heat pump works by taking the existing heat from the surrounding air and using it to create a warm, inviting swimming pool. The system pulls the air in and uses an evaporator coil paired with a fan to pull the warmth from the air itself. It is then sent through a refrigerant house inside the unit, transforming it from a liquid state to a gaseous state. Next, it’s on to the compressor to increase the pressure and the temperature.  After the warm gas goes through the compressor compartment, it is moved to a heat exchanger, which allows the heat to be added to the pool’s water. This cycle continues until the swimming pool reaches the desired temperature.   

Energy Savings

Because heat pumps only use energy to power the compressor and fan, they save much more on energy than gas or electric pool heating options. Not only will a pool have the ability to stay open longer, but pool owners will also save money in the process.   

AquaComfort Solutions Product Options 

At AquaComfort Solutions, we want to help equip pool dealers with everything they need to help pool owners get the most enjoyment out of their swimming pools. We offer several product lines to choose from, bringing comfort to swimming pools across the nation. 

XL Series

Designed for greater energy efficiency, the XL series is built to last and even holds up to unbalanced water chemistry. 


Allowing for temperature control all year long, the HeatCOOL offers pool heating in the cooler weather and a dose of refreshment with a touch of coolness during the warmer seasons.   

Become a Dealer

Give pool owners the options they need to extend pool season with a heat pump from AquaComfort Solutions. We’re here to give you the support you need to offer high-quality pool products to stay comfortable all year long. Contact us today and learn how you can become an AquaComfort Solutions dealer.