Pool Heat Pumps to Fit Any Pool Size

Over 100,000 pool owners across America get the most pleasure from their pools by heating with AquaComfort pool heat pumps. No matter where you live, AquaComfort delivers more heat starting at lower temperatures, with virtually no harmful emissions and at less operating cost than any other product available to heat your pool. Your AquaComfort dealer will help you choose the model that’s a perfect fit for any pool size or situation. Did you know our HeatCOOL units can also cool your pool when you need it? Learn more about HeatCOOL


XL Series

More heat. Less Cost.
The most efficient and economical way to heat your pool.


Commercial Solutions

Zero CO2 emissions.
A great benefit for the planet.



Heat when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot.
Gas heaters can’t do this.



The total comfort pool water chiller.
It’s not a heat pump. It’s an AquaComfort COOL pump.


How Pool Heat Pumps Work

Uses “free heat” from the air to heat your swimming pool.