aquacomfort heat pump pool heater

Pool Heating Options and Proper Installation

When considering choosing a spa and pool heater, our customers have multiple options to choose from:

  1. Solar Energy
  2. Solar Water Heater
  3. Solar Panels
  4. EDPM Mats
  5. Solar Collectors
  6. Heat Pump
  7. Heat Exchanger

In comparing and contrasting these different methods, we believe the AquaComfort heat pump is a great investment that provides a multitude of benefits. These units are very efficient, resilient, and intuitive to use. In addition, our heat pumps are environmentally friendly. They also have long service lives with proper handling and care. A common misconception and concern is noise pollution, when in fact these units are extremely quiet. AquaComfort delivers more heat starting at lower temperatures, with virtually no harmful emissions and operate at less cost than any other product available to heat your pool.

Our Pool Heater Installation Process

You will need to locate your unit on a level surface within the model’s guidelines of the existing pool plumbing. Install the heat pump with the panel facing out. This will allow for easy accessibility for servicing. In addition to appropriately installing this device, you should ensure at a minimum there is adequate space on the back side and non-plumbing side for appropriate ventilation. You will also need to provide recommended space above, and in front of the unit for servicing. It is essential to ensure overhead clearance. This clearance safeguards against recirculating cold air and the unit going into defrost mode. This information can be found in the owner’s manual and installment instructions.

You may find it beneficial to have an authorized professional provide support ensuring the installation process is completed properly and safely. The AquaComfort models have varying guidelines requiring special consideration for ventilation and clearance.

What Distance From My Pool Should I Install a Heat Pump?

When installing the pool heater, the heat pump should be installed as close to the filtering system as possible. The heat pump should be no more than 25 feet away. Any more distance than this will diminish the ability for the system to heat the pool.

Will AquaComfort Install My Pool Heater?

AquaComfort does not install pool heaters. In lieu of this, we can share with you authorized dealers that we will be able to recommend. Contact us to find a dealer near you. AquaComfort and associates are here for you.

Our company has more than 25 years of experience. We want to ensure you get the most out of your AquaComfort heat pumps. To prevent any disappointment, please have a qualified professional assist you in the installation process. Let AquaComfort help you find an authorized dealer in your area.

Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to protect your investment.  Always read your Owner’s Manual.

Important: Review the maintenance schedule and other recommendations in your owner’s manual. Your AquaComfort heat pump will probably require routine maintenance once a year.