How having a pool can increase home value

Are you considering getting a pool? Perhaps you’re toying with the idea of having yours removed, but can’t weigh up whether it’s the right choice? Well, if you need some help with weighing up the pros and cons of having a pool, this article will certainly discuss a major pro – increase in home value.

Having a pool increases your home value, especially in warmer states like California and Florida. In these states, where the sun is always shining, having a pool is an absolute must, and will add value to your property due to the increasing demand from homebuyers.

The proof

Don’t just take it from us. We’ve found some compelling studies to prove that having a pool increases the value of your home in those states where home buyers are looking to use a pool a lot because of the sunny weather. According to Realtor, “pools tend to add value to a home — about 7.7%, according to National Association of Realtors statistics”.

The pool adds another asset to your home, but beyond that, it’s very attractive to those looking to buy a home with a pool as having one installed already takes the hassle out of moving homes. Most people in sunnier states will be looking for a pool, and for that reason a real estate agent in Placentia claims that the average nice pool will increase a home’s value by around $5000.

The importance of having a pool on your home’s market value has even been hitting headlines with reports claiming that “pools become a greater concern for homebuyers in these markets with each passing year” (in reference to Miami). So, with these stats in mind, maybe it’s time to invest in the pool you’ve always wanted?

Why does a pool increase home value?

The main reason a pool increases house value is demand. As outlined above, the demand for a pool, especially in warmer areas, is huge. Having a pool to jump into on a hot day is amazing, therefore having a pool is very attractive to most people. This means that homes with a pool will sell at a premium and in some neighbourhoods, not having one will cause a decrease in home value.

Moreover, having a pool is seen as an additional bonus to your property and like anything that’s added on to your property – whether it be an extra garage, a large lawn or an island in your kitchen, it will be considered when your home is valued.

Why is a heat pump important?

If you want your pool to increase your home value, then it’s important to look after it. Using a heat pump will ensure that your pool will be usable for more months of the year and will therefore be cleaned and manager for more months of the year. The key thing is that your pool is well maintained, and if you have a heat pump you probably will be looking after it a little better and getting more use out of it than a household without one.

Find out more about how a heat pump works to see if it could be right for your pool, whether you already have one installed or you’re looking to get one.