Saltwater Pool Myths

Saltwater pool myths debunked.
Saltwater pool myths can be prevalent in the pool industry. But helping to educate your customers with the latest innovations in saltwater technology can go a long way in allowing you to meet their pool ownership needs. Here are three common saltwater pool myths and how you can build your business by offering the latest sensational saltwater pool equipment from Solaxx Water Treatment Solutions.

Myth 1: Saltwater Pools are Difficult to Maintain

One of the most common myths about saltwater pools is that they require more maintenance than traditional chlorine pools. This simply isn’t true, especially with the latest advancements in saltwater pool equipment. Thanks to things like automated chemical controllers and chemical readers, you can rest easy knowing that your customers’ saltwater pools are always running at optimal levels. By offering saltwater pool equipment, you can help your customers achieve the perfect balance between convenience and low maintenance, ultimately making their saltwater pool ownership experience easier than ever before.

Myth 2: Saltwater Pools Aren’t as Sanitary as Traditional Chlorine Pools

Traditional chlorine pools have been around for a long time, and people have come to depend on the sanitation that chlorine brings. However, some people aren’t familiar with the fact that a saltwater pool produces chlorine in a natural form through a chlorine generator’s chemical reaction with salt. As a result, saltwater pools are just as sanitary as traditional chlorine pools and offer the added benefit of being gentler on skin, hair, and clothing. By offering saltwater pool equipment to your customers, you can help them take their pool ownership experience to the next level and enjoy all of the benefits that saltwater pools have.

Myth 3: Saltwater Pools are Too Expensive for My Customers

Another common saltwater pool myth is that saltwater pools are too expensive for the average homeowner. While saltwater pools do require an initial investment, they can ultimately save you and your customers money in the long run. Thanks to things like saltwater chlorination systems, saltwater pool owners can enjoy a virtually limitless supply of clean and clear saltwater for their pools, at a fraction of the cost of traditional chlorine. In fact, saltwater pools have been shown to save up to 50% on chemical costs compared to chlorine pools. By offering saltwater equipment to your customers, you can help them take advantage of the many cost-saving benefits of saltwater pools, while still enjoying the same high levels of sanitation.   When customers can put saltwater pool myths behind them and look at the amazing benefits of installing a saltwater system with their pool, you have the potential to build your business in a whole new realm. If you’re looking to offer saltwater pool equipment to your customers, there’s no better place to find the newest, up-to-date equipment and saltwater technology trends than with Solaxx by AquaComfort Solutions. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or simply help your customers achieve the perfect saltwater pool ownership experience, Solaxx has everything you need to make your customer’s saltwater pool dreams come true. So don’t wait – view our selection today and start enjoying the benefits of saltwater pool dealership.