Pool Heater Cost Comparison

Looking to save on pool heating costs? Our pool heater cost comparison can help you decide on the perfect pool heater for your needs when you compare operational costs across pool heater options. With information on gas-powered pool heaters vs. heat pumps, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to choose the right pool heater for your needs. Are you ready to discover more?

Gas-Powered Pool Heater Efficiency

A main contender in the pool heater category is gas powered pool heaters. Operating by burning up fuel to heat pool water, many pool owners think this is the only viable option when it comes to pool heat management. However, there are several downsides.

Gas heaters burn expensive fossil fuels as they work to heat pool water. Whether propane or natural gas, the climbing costs of fuel are sure to have a major impact on your pocketbook. A gas pool heater typically operates at lower efficiency than a heat pump, too, meaning that it requires more energy to generate the same amount of heat.

In addition to being an impactful expense in monthly costs, you’ll also face the issue of efficiency. Gas pool heaters are not as efficient or cost-effective as pool heat pumps, costing you more and more as the years go on. In addition, heat output lessens as the age of gas equipment grows. This means decreased efficiency, decreased heat, and decreased contentment over the lifetime of a gas pool heater purchase.

AquaComfort Heat Pump Pool Heater

However, with an AquaComfort Solutions heat pump, you’ll never have to worry about a regretful pool heater purchase. Compared to gas pool heaters, pool heat pumps can offer significant savings in operating costs. Thanks to the natural process of heating and cooling, pool heat pumps do not need any extra fuel to operate and can provide up to three times more warmth for your water. Drawing warmth from the air around it, a heat pump uses minimal energy and creates minimal operational expenses. And with costs that are 80% less than a propane heater and 70% less than a natural gas heater, you’ll love the long-term savings that you can only find with a heat pump from AquaComfort.

As if that weren’t enough to make you happy, an AquaComfort heat pump does not lose efficiency as the years go on. Instead, premier pool heat pumps can actually increase their efficiency over time. So not only will you save big in the short-term, but as your equipment ages, you’ll also continue to see savings year after year with an AquaComfort pool heater.

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Our pool heater cost calculators can help you estimate just how much your savings can be!

Look no further than AquaComfort Solutions’ to find the perfect pool heat pump for your warm or cool water needs. With multiple options to aid in pool heat management, you’ll find energy-efficient, pocketbook-friendly models that can keep your pool water at the ideal temperature all season long. And with AquaComfort’s advanced technology, unbeatable efficiency, and premium savings, you’ll love pool heating more than ever before. Dive in and start saving today with your AquaComfort heat pump pool heater of choice.

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