Everyone wants to make the most of their pool, and a great way to do that is to continue having pool parties all year round. But how can you throw a pool party in winter? Of course, for some states a winter pool party is just never going to happen because it’s way too cold. However, for those lucky states that get sunshine all year round, like Florida and California, a winter pool party can be a great way to get everyone together and make the most of your pool.

Keep your pool heated

It’s essential that you keep your pool heated when you have people heading in for a dip in the middle of winter. Be sure to look into the best heat pumps that will keep your pool heated all year round. There are some really great products that can be really versatile and ensure that you have a lovely dip whether it’s winter or summer. The HeatCOOL heater pump for example will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, so you can enjoy your pool whatever the weather.

Keep towels and blankets close by

Whilst the pool temperature should be ideal once your heater installed, it’s important to keep towels and blankets close by so that you can keep everyone warm once they exit the pool. This is especially true if you have kids around, as often they’re not aware of how cold it is outside and between running around and playing might not realise that they’re actually very cold. Keep blankets and towels close by to wrap them up in when they hop out of the pool.


Pools can look just as beautiful in winter as in summer. To make sure your pool wows, no matter what the weather find some decorations that will make the atmosphere just right. Fairy lights look beautiful when wrapped in trees and bushes around the pool, but of course it’s important to remember not to get them wet. Be sure there are ample seats for everyone to sit on and if you want to go really fancy, you could even light candles to keep the mood chilled and wintery.

Wintery snacks

Having wintery drinks and snacks is a great way to keep your guests happy. Try to avoid anything heavy as this may give people cramp and weigh them down when they’re enjoying your pool. Light bites like star shaped cookies, mint frosted brownies and hot chocolate and marshmallows are the perfect accompaniment to a winter pool party. Be sure to offer food after they leave the pool to keep it clean and hygienic.

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