How Does a Heat Pump Work?

How does a heat pump work
Even though the weather is beginning to cool, some pool owners may still be reluctant to close their pool for the season. So you probably have a few customers coming into your store asking how a heat pump works and which one would be best to add to their pool to extend their swim season. Luckily, with a heat pump from Aqua Comfort, they’ll have access to one of the most innovative, energy-efficient heat pumps on the market.

Heat Pumps Work by Using Free Heat

  How do heat pumps work    One of the top questions your customers may ask you is, “Are heat pumps gas-powered?” Many traditional pool heaters and some available today are run by gas. However, heat pumps work a bit differently. Rather than relying on burning natural gas or propane to create heat, heat pumps use “free heat” from the surrounding air, pulling it in over the evaporator coil and blowing the cool air out. This process heats the liquid refrigerant that then turns it to gas. This gas then enters a compressor that increases the temperature and pressure, and then goes into a condenser heat exchanger that warms the pool water flowing through.  Basically, warm air goes in, cold air goes out, so that cold water goes in and warm water comes out! It is a surprisingly simple process, perfected over 25 years of design and innovation.

But Do Heat Pumps Work Effectively?

However, some may wonder if it’s actually an effective process. If heat pumps rely on free heat in the air, doesn’t it depend on how warm it is outside? What if it starts getting cold out, when pool owners are looking to heat their pool?  The answer is yes, it does depend a bit on just how warm and humid the weather is. But you’ll be happy to report to your customers that Aqua Comfort heat pumps will work even when it’s down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. So they will effectively heat pool water even in cooler weather.  Plus, the heat pump process eliminates the need for expensive natural gas or propane, which significantly increases energy efficiency and ultimately reduces the cost of your customers’ utility bills. So they can effectively heat their pool and extend their swim season without worrying about draining their wallet.

Tips to Make Heat Pumps Work Even Better

If the fact that they’re energy-efficient and cost effective isn’t enough to convince a pool owner to get a heat pump, here are a few tips to share with them to make heat pumps work even better:  
  1. Cover the pool when not in use to insulate and keep the water warm and ready to use.
  2. Know the size of the pool to help determine which heat pump will most effectively heat it. Show customers our savings and sizing calculator.
  These tips will ensure that your customer’s new heat pump works at optimum performance, allowing them to enjoy their pool a little while longer.   Now you can refer customers here when they ask, “How does a heat pump work?”. If heat pumps sound like a good option to offer to your product lineup in your pool store, consider becoming a part of our dealer network. Aside from innovative, efficient pool products, Aqua Comfort Water Solutions offers many advantages to dealers, including exclusive marketing materials, unit service, and more. Contact us today!