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Propane vs. Modern Pool Heaters

Heating your own swimming pool can turn into quite a costly manner, but this summer, solar heat pool heaters may be the answer to your financial burdens. Most older swimming pools tend to be heated by large propane heaters, emitting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere while also costing you for expensive fuel. But now, advanced technologies allow us to harness a much cleaner energy.

How to Heat a Pool Efficiently

By switching to a more efficient pool heater, your energy costs can be 80% cheaper than a propane heater, and up to 70% cheaper than filling a natural gas pool heater. One particular brand of heater, AquaComfort Solutions, even boasts a nearly 100% decrease in carbon emissions from a similar propane heater, while doubling the life expectancy of a similar fossil fuel heater. AquaComfort Solutions machines can actually output 30 to 40% more heat than propane and natural gas systems of the same price, allowing them to even begin heating your pool when it is only 40 degrees outside, giving you an extended swim season. Most current propane heaters wont even begin working until the air is about 52 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whereas a fossil fuel pool heater uses fuel to heat the water, AquaComfort Solutions pool heaters use a unique heat pump. This pool heater design actually uses the heat around it from the outside air and pulls the air in around a coil, where the heat is pulled out of the air itself to be used as the fuel for the pool heater. Much of the machine works similarly to a house air conditioner system but is simply powered by the airs heat instead. The machine is even made out of rifled titanium, making it more corrosive resistant to the chlorine water than common cupronickel counterparts.

Throughout a fossil fuel pool heaters lifetime, it will slowly decrease in efficiency, only costing you more money just from regular wear and tear. This can lead to an increase in annual costs for your heater which is completely unnecessary. With an advanced technology pool heater, your machine will maintain its efficiency even after years of use. This is because while a fossil fuel heaters design has not been improved upon, since the year 2000, modern pool heater designs have become 27% more efficient, surpassing propane and natural gas heaters by far, all while emitting only cold air, rather than carbon emissions.

A large problem with propane or natural gas pool heaters is theyre difficult to install and remove. If you find yourself stuck with an older, less efficient pool heater, you can easily install a heat pump alongside it with no issues, reducing your pool heating cost by up to 50%, and reducing your carbon footprint by almost 60%. This installation is made easy, and painless without any disruption to the landscaping around it thanks to AquaComforts pool heaters design. Its design even allows for smaller breaker sizes.

Propane and natural gas pool heaters worked well in the past. But new technology allows us to enjoy state of the art pool heater technology while also saving money, and helping the environment. If youre looking to buy a new pool heater, its time to upgrade to more renewable energy sources.