It’s finally summer. The roof on the convertible is down, you’ve gone to the supermarket to get everything you need for the BBQ. Friends and family start to fill the garden, drinks are flowing, and everything seems perfect. Well, almost perfect.

Just one thing missing – a pool! Here are 7 reasons why YOU should get a swimming pool in time for summer!

1. A pool inspires family time

Spending quality time with your family and friends is great for the body and mind. Whether that’s going for a walk or having a splash in the pool. It keeps the kids outside and enjoying the vitamin D while we have it (just remember to top up on the sun cream).

2. Hostess with the mostest

Who doesn’t want to go to a pool party!? It’s a great feeling being the party host and making sure your guests have a memorable time. By having a pool for your party guests, it just adds that extra bit of ‘glam’ to the day and leaves that real feeling of being a VIP!

3. Get that summer body ready

We all know that ‘summer bodies start in the winter’ but is anyone ever ready for that? When it gets to summer, we all want to shed a few pounds and shed them fast. Swimming is the perfect quick fix to get a full body workout and the best bit is – you don’t even have to leave the house (or break a sweat)!!

4. Date night

Your typical date night involves dinner, films and maybe a glass of wine (or two). Imagine being able to finish the night off under the stars with a dip in the pool. It’s easy, affordable and romantic – what more do you need?

5. Added value to ‘dive’ for

A property that has any form of additional asset will automatically add value. So whether you’re looking to put your property on the market or not, investing in a pool is a smart decision. They are more affordable than you may think too, they are easy to maintain and might save you money splashing out on family holidays!

6. Beat the heat

British summers are renowned to be humid so it is really tempting when the sun comes out to hide away inside where you can find a nice cool spot of air con. Seems like such a waste of the warm weather though right? Investing in a pool gives you the opportunity to stay outside and enjoy the sunshine but stay as cold as ice.

7. Relax!!

No one gives themselves time anymore to just relax and shut off from everything else going on in their lives. Studies have proven that swimming can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression so by having access to a swimming pool in the garden, there really is no excuse not to unwind!

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